Benefits of Amla Murabba

Keep your heart young

A good amount of chromium, zinc and copper are present in amla, which are essential components of the body. Chromium specifically helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and the risk of heart diseases. Amla marmalade reduces bad cholesterol levels through inhibition of oxidation of thiobarbituric acid and TBA. However high cholesterol (Stromac and heart attackMay not be directly responsible, but cholesterol can cause inflammation of blood vessels. Amla Murabban helps in reducing inflammation of blood vessels.

Stop old age

A good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E are present in amla, which helps in relieving the symptoms of premature aging. Vitamin A produces collagen, which makes the skin flexible and youthful. Best to eat Amla Marmalade The way is to take an empty stomach. It can also prevent collagen debasement. In this way it helps in keeping the skin tight, supple and youthful.

Overcome the problems of periods

Women should also use gooseberry marmalade to compensate for the lack of iron caused by excess bleeding during periods in women. Gooseberry jam also helps to reduce menstrual cramps. Permanent menstrual cramps

To get rid, women should consume gooseberry jam for at least three months.


It is believed that Amla Marmalade should be taken when a woman is pregnant. This proves to be a panacea for both mother and her future child. If a pregnant woman consumes gooseberry jam daily, the problem of hair fall can be prevented due to hormonal changes in her body. At the same time, amla marmalade also helps in increasing the ability of the child’s eyes.

Boost immunity

Because of the good amount of vitamin C available in amla, its benefits promote our good health. It also has antioxidant properties that help in strengthening the immune system. They protect us from cold, fever and recurring infections.

Get rid of pimples and scars

Gooseberry marmalade is a very good source of vitamin C, due to which it can greatly improve the complexion of the skin. It provides a natural glow to the skin. Amla acts as a natural exfoliation. Amla marmalade cools the skin due to its anti-astringent properties and Treats wrinkles. Vitamin A produces collagen which makes the skin elastic and youthful. It also removes dark spots and pimples from the face. To reduce black spots, use an amla marmalade for at least six months.

Anemia is far away

Gooseberry marmalade is the main source of iron, so it has the ability to increase hemoglobin levels. To compensate for the iron deficiency caused by excess bleeding during periods, women should also use gooseberry jam. Amla has the ability to increase the hemoglobin level. For those who are anemic, gooseberry jam acts like medicine.

Shankhya Yog ka Special Apple Murabba

Friends, the information that we have brought to you today is about eating jam. Know what changes happen in our body just by consuming one marmalade every day. It is not only the gooseberries that come with amla, but also various types of marmalade such as carrots, apples, bells, etc. And these marmalades help our body to get rid of many diseases.

If you consume any one of the marmalades every day, then it gives our body a coolness because iron, calcium, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are found in abundance in the marmalade. Due to the wrong diet, these nutrients are very much needed for our body. And anyway why not because every day we get hearing some disease which makes us very upset. In such a situation, how would we feel if we protect ourselves from these diseases in advance? Anyone of the jams should be consumed.

Carrot Murabba Benefits

Carrot is a very precious gift of nature which is a storehouse of strength. Carrot is also fruit and vegetable and it is grown all over India. Like radish, carrots also grow in the ground.

The body remains soft and beautiful by the consumption of carrots and there is a communication of power in the body and weight also increases.

By feeding carrot juice to children, their teeth come out easily and milk is also digested properly.

Carrots are very useful in piles, tuberculosis bile etc.

Carrot juice is considered very good for the brain.

Consumption of carrots keeps the body healthy and immunity in the body also increases.

It also cures burning sensation of the anus.

Consuming carrots provides strength to the stomach and makes the heart happy. It softens the nature.

It throws out the phlegm.

It relieves cough and chest tightness.

Urination comes easily due to its intake.

It throttles the stone out.

It destroys ascites.

Giving its juice to the patient suffering from dementia is beneficial.

The pudding made from carrots and dish is strong and nutritious.

To remove weakness in the body due to continuous work, consume carrots, this weakness will go away.

The digestive institution is strengthened by drinking carrot juice.

The smell and feces of feces are destroyed by its use.

Carrot contains an element called carotene, which is useful in curing cancer.

If weakness has occurred in the body due to prolonged illness, then drinking carrot juice is very
beneficial. Its intake makes the patient fit, fresh, and powerful.

Carrot juice, roasted cumin, sugar, and salt mixed with drinking removes gout.