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Abhragarbha Pottali Benefits:-

It is useful in disorders specially related to Pranavaha Srotas like Kasa, Shwasa and Kshaya.  It can be given in a smaller dose along with other medicines to enhance their action on Pranavaha Srotas.

Ingredients :
Shodhit Parada, Shodhit Gandhaka, Suvarna (Svarna) bhasma and Abhraka bhasma

Indications :
Acute & chronic conditions of Pranavaha Srotas viz. Shwasa, Kasa and even deep set ailment like Kshaya i.e. Rajayakshama. Also recommended by textual reference for chronic, uncontrolled, unknown origin & persistent condition viz. Jeernajwara.
A special mention has been made in text for usefulness of this formulation in complications associated with pregnancy.

Dose and Anupan :
0.5 ratti is the dose mentioned in the text. We recommend 0.5 ratti i.e. 62.5 mg in divided doses depending on the condition of patient and disease, preferably with ginger juice & honey.

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