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Ashtmurti Rasayan :-

Ashtmurti Rasayan is an Ayurvedic formulation of inorganic origin. This medicine is Kupipakva rasayan of Ayurveda. Kupi-pakwa Rasayana are those medicines which contain inorganic materials and cooked in Kanch-Kupi similar to glass flask (special glass vessel used in preparation of Rasa shastra medicines/mercurial Ayurvedic medicines). Kupi-pakwa medicine are cooked by placing Kupi inside a special apparatus known as Valuka yantra.

This medicine is also known as Ashtamurthy Rasayan, Ashtamurti Rasayana, Ashtamurti Rasayan.

Therapeutic uses of Ashtmurti Rasayan

Ashtamurti Rasayana is used in the treatment of wide variety of diseases. It is a tonic that is used in chronic fever, fever due to various reasons, obstruction to passage of urine, epilepsy, diseases due to vitiation of Vata and Vata-Kapha.

It cures weakness, skin diseases, loss of weight, and similar health issues that occur due to chronic fever.

This medicine stimulates heart, gives energy, improves weight and works on various body organs such as nerves, kidney, lungs, etc.

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