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 Jatiphaladi Vati Benefits:-

Jatiphaladi Vati (Stambhak), also spelled as Jatiphaladi Bati, maintains a strong erection, so it is used in premature ejaculation in men. It improves time, power and performance during the act. Its action appears on nerves, seminal vesicles, and penile muscles. It delays ejaculation by maintaining the stiffness of the penile tissue for a longer duration.

Ingredients (Composition) Of Jatiphaladi Vati

  • Akarkara – Anacyclus Pyrethrum
  • Jaiphal (Nutmeg) – Myristica Fragrans
  • Laung (Clove) – Syzygium Aromaticum
  • Safed Chandan (White Sandalwood) – Santalum Album
  • Shuddha Ahiphena  – Papaver Somnifera
  • Sonth (Ginger Rhizome)
  • Sheetal Chini or Kababchini – Piper Cubeba
  • Kesar (Saffron) – Crocus Sativus
  • Pippali (Long Pepper) – Piper Longum

Indications Of Jatiphaladi Vati

Jatiphaladi Vati (Stambhak) is therapeutically indication in the following health concerns:

  1. Premature Ejaculation (temporary use)
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Restore stamina and loss of confidence in male.

Jatiphaladi Vati Dosage

Adults 1 tablet (250 mg) once a day before bed time preferably with milk

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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