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Benefits of Kalyan Sundar Ras :-


AnorexiaAnorexia or anorexia nervosa is the psychological eating disorder associated with extremely low body weight. This kind of eating disorder can be life threatening as well because it not only includes the extremely low body weight, but is also associated with the intense fear of gaining weight as well as a disrupted perspective about the weight. These kind of people of course, don’t ever try to gain some weight; instead even after being that level thin and underweight, they work hard to control their weight and shape by putting strict restriction over their meals as well as performing intense workouts.

More than just about the food part, anorexia is about coping up the emotional problems as well in an unhealthy way. Having anorexia may show some sort of symptoms in you like extreme weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, dry or yellowish skin, irregular menstruation, thin appearance, low blood pressure, dehydration, osteoporosis etc. There are certain factors leading to the same, i.e. some genetic changes, emotional trauma, anxiety, environmental demands, following the western culture etc.


Kalyan Sundar Ras for coughCoughing is the process of clearing up your throat and airways and helping them get rid of the mucus as well as the foreign irritants. This annoying as well as irritating process assists the body stay safe and disease-free. To achieve the safety of the body, coughing can be either manual or automatic. But, it is fine for us if it exists only for some time and not for the long duration. Coughs are mainly categorized in two types – acute cough and chronic cough. Acute cough, as the name indicates, lasts only for 2-3 weeks and are not that troublesome, but when it comes to the chronic cough, it always takes more time to leave you and till that time, affects your body a lot.

Talking about the causes of cough, they include bronchitis, asthma, pollutant allergies, COPD, GERD, smoking etc. Moreover, the symptoms of chronic cough may include fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, runny nose etc. Whatever is the cause or the symptom, it is always going to affect your throat as well as lungs.


Kalyan Sundar Ras for importanceIt is a sexual health problem that denies a person from achieving the ejaculation or maintaining the erection. This health problem is addressed as erectile dysfunction as well. It is a male sexual disorder that is more common in old aged people than the youth, which is, of course, due to the age factor. But, if it affects the young men, this might be the indication of some underlying health problem. Otherwise, the person in his 60s has more chances to face this than in his 40s.

The causes leading to impotency may include high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, insomnia or other sorts of sleep disorders, Parkinson’s disease, relationship problems, BPH treatments, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, alcoholism etc. A person suffering from impotence may show some symptoms like inability of achieving erectile, guilt of not satisfying the partner, low self-esteem, depression etc. If impotence is due to some other underlying health issue, that can be treated and get rid of, but the time it goes on, it’ll surely affect your sexual as well as the personal life.


Dizziness may include two types of feelings –

Kalyan Sunda for feeling sick and dizzyLightheadedness – When you feel that you are about to faint. This feeling of lightheadedness may go away on lying down, but on getting worse, it may lead to almost fainting or syncope.

Vertigo – In this situation, you may feel that the things nearby you or you yourself are moving when there is no actual movement. In severe cases, you can even vomit or feel nauseated as well.

Although this is the health condition that can influence the people of any age group, this is more common in old aged people. If we talk about the causes of dizziness, the list may include migraine, alcohol, certain medications, vertigo, quick change in the position, heart muscle disease, anxiety disorders, ear infection, heat stroke etc. It may also happen due to some problem in the inner ear where the body balance is regulated. A person facing dizziness may show the symptoms like lightheadedness, unsteadiness, loss of balance, feeling of floating etc.

Urinary disorders

Like every other body system, our urinary system also plays a vital role in keeping us healthy as well as disease free. Our urinary system includes the body organs like kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra. All of them have their defined roles to play in maintaining the proper functioning of our urinary system and any problem in even any one of them may lead to affect the whole process. If it is just a mild infection, it may not make you suffer that much apart from some pain and irritation, but if not treated in time, it may get converted into some severe health issue and that generally happens in the case of urinary problems.

kalyan sunder ras for Urinary disordersThe types of urinary tract infections or urinary disorders may include urinary tract cancer, incontinence, interstitial cystitis, kidney failure, renal failure, kidney stones etc. Moreover, it may be caused by the factors like cancer affecting the urinary tract, infection, inflammation, injuries, scarring etc. A person suffering from this sort of health issue may tend to see the symptoms like abdominal or pelvic pain, lower back pain, frequent urination, leaking of urine, change in color of urine etc.

Mentioning every health problem that can be treated using kalyan sundar ras is not possible, but I believe that discussing this much must have helped you a lot understanding how much beneficial kalyan sundar ras for health is. Isn’t it?


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