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Ingredients of Kankayan Vati (Arsh)

  • Haritaki bark 5 parts
  • Pippali/long pepper 1 parts
  • Kali mirch/Black pepper 1 part
  • shweta jirak/White cumin 1 part
  • Pippalamula/Root of pippali plant 2 parts
  • Chavya 3 parts
  • Chitrak mula 4 parts
  • Sunthi/dry ginger powder 5 parts
  • Bhallataka/Shuddha Bhilava 8 parts
  • Surankanda/Jimikand 16 parts
  • Yavakshar 2 parts
  • Guda: Dwiguna (That is 96 parts)

Uses of Kankayan Vati (Arsh)

  • This medicine is used in the management of arsha (Piles).
  • It shows beneficial effect in both dry and bleeding piles. The intake of Kankayan Vati (Arsh) improves digestive power and cures constipation. It reduces pressure and size of piles mass. Regular use of this medicine for many months gives relief in piles.

Dosage of Kankayan Vati (Arsh)

2-4 tablets twice a day with takra (butter milk) or as directed by physician. In case of bleeding piles use with gulkand.

Terms and Conditions

We have assumed that you have consulted a physician before purchasing this medicine and are not self medicating.

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