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Navayas Lauh Benefits:-

  • It has liver protecting action.
  • It is shows beneficial effects in treatment of liver disorders.
  • It has anti-hepatotoxic property. Anti-hepatotoxic property means ability to protect liver from toxicity.
  • It improves rakta dhatu.
  • It has deepana (appetizer) pachana (digestive), srotoshodhaka (channel cleasner), tridoshaghna (body humour specifier), rasaraktavardhana (one which increases blood), rasayana (rejuvenative) and balya (one which increases strength) panduhara (one which subsides pallor) activity.
  • It is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of Anemia, Heart diseases, Skin diseases, Piles and Jaundice.
  • Effective in dropsy, dyspepsia, loss of appetite and diabetes.


  • Pandu (anaemia)
  • Kamala (jaundice)
  • Prameha (metabolic disorder)
  • Pidaka (carbuncle)
  • Hridroga (heart disease)
  • Kushtha (diseases of Skin)
  • Arsha (piles)


Calms Pitta


  • 250 mg to 1 gram twice a day.
  • In skin diseases,it is taken with Chacha or Go mutra.
  • In heart diseases,it is take with Arjun Kadha.
  • In intestinal parasites,it is given ith Vidag churna and honey.
  • In liver diseases,it is given with punarnava juice and honey.

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