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Sootikabharan Ras Benefits:-

The Suvarnakalpa with most powerful action in Sootikaroga developed after delivery. Acts as detoxifying agent by eradicating toxins affecting female reproductive system due to unhygienic conditions or improper handling during delivery. Also improves strength, Vitality and immunity of the mother.

Suvarna Bhasma 1 part, Roupya Bhasma 1 part, Tamra Bhasma 1 part, Pravala Bhasma 1 part, Shuddha Parad 1 part, Shuddha Gandhak 1 part, Abhraka Bhasma 1 part, Shuddha Hartala 1 part, Shuddha Manahshila 1 part, Shunthi 1 part, Marich 1 part, Pippali 1 part, Kutaki 1 part
Bhavana – Arkaksheer, Chitrak Mool Kwath, Punarnava Swarasa

Sootikaroga developed due to improper Garbhashaya Shodhan such as Sootikajwara, Makkalshoola, Dhanurvata, Dourbalya, Shwetapradar, Agnimandya, Malavarodha, Septic ulcers developed in Genital tract

1 to 2 tablets 2 – 3 times a day with Dashamoolarishta, Ashokarishta, Milk or honey or as per disease.

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