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Maha Swarna Yog Benefits:-

Maha Swarna Yog is dispersible tablet which provides precise dose of 2mg standardized swarna bhasma in each swarna prashan administration.

Key benefits of swarna prashan with Maha Swarna Yog are –

  • Medhavardhan – Improves intelligence, Also improves memory power and oratory skills.
  • Ayuvardhan – Helps improve healthy life span.
  • Balvardhan – Improves strength and immunity,thus prevents frequent illness like cold, cough, fever.
  • Agnivardhan – Improves appetite and digestion.
  • Varnya – Improves complexion and imparts healthy glow.
  • Vrushya – Increases Sarvadaihik Shukra which improves energy and vigor in children.
  • Can I give Swarna Prashan to my child?
    Surely, it should be given to every child.
    It can be given from birth till 16 yrs of age.
    It gives better results if given daily.
    It should NOT be given in children suffering from acute ailments like fever, cold, diarrhea.


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