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Unjha Navratna Kalpamurt Ras:-

Ayurveda is science of life.It is more than a system of medical treatment.It helps maintaining health by proper use of dietetics, physical exercise,positive thoughts, fresh air,heat and sunlight. Ayurveda is a system which thrusts upon the prevention of diseases.

Navratna Kalp Amrit Ras is an Ayurvedic formulation in the form of tablets.It is a superior rejuvenative.This formulation treats Vata disorders.It strengthens heart,brain,kidneys.Navratna Kalp Amrit Ras detoxifies the body effectively and treats piles,diabetes,respiratory disorders and many more disorders.Navratna Rasa is the excellent combination of valuable natural minerals.Navratna Rasa is very safe for all age groups as daily supplement,as a general tonic as well as pathological conditions where mineral supplementation is necessary.

Navratna Rasa improves longevity,vitality, strengthens the mind and body,nourishes bone and other vital elements and accelerates tissue metabolism. We prepare this Navratna Rasa by using superior quality of ingredients like ratna bhagotar rasa,sakar,pipli churna and excipients,which are are mixed in equal and exact proportions.It is used to cure rickets,tetany,tuberculosis and many other bone related diseases.These are available in market leading prices to the client. We are the best exporters in the world.

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