Carrot Murabba Benefits

Carrot is a very precious gift of nature which is a storehouse of strength. Carrot is also fruit and vegetable and it is grown all over India. Like radish, carrots also grow in the ground.

The body remains soft and beautiful by the consumption of carrots and there is a communication of power in the body and weight also increases.

By feeding carrot juice to children, their teeth come out easily and milk is also digested properly.

Carrots are very useful in piles, tuberculosis bile etc.

Carrot juice is considered very good for the brain.

Consumption of carrots keeps the body healthy and immunity in the body also increases.

It also cures burning sensation of the anus.

Consuming carrots provides strength to the stomach and makes the heart happy. It softens the nature.

It throws out the phlegm.

It relieves cough and chest tightness.

Urination comes easily due to its intake.

It throttles the stone out.

It destroys ascites.

Giving its juice to the patient suffering from dementia is beneficial.

The pudding made from carrots and dish is strong and nutritious.

To remove weakness in the body due to continuous work, consume carrots, this weakness will go away.

The digestive institution is strengthened by drinking carrot juice.

The smell and feces of feces are destroyed by its use.

Carrot contains an element called carotene, which is useful in curing cancer.

If weakness has occurred in the body due to prolonged illness, then drinking carrot juice is very
beneficial. Its intake makes the patient fit, fresh, and powerful.

Carrot juice, roasted cumin, sugar, and salt mixed with drinking removes gout.